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     A large percentage of collectors, including many longtime veteran "experts" are perplexed when it comes to knowing what size mounts they need to hold their stamps.
     This page will help you determine for yourself what mounts you need for your stamps. It is not rocket science and there are no secret formulas the mount companies use. It is a simple matter of measuring your stamps and picking out your mounts.
     The first thing you have to remember is the format in which mounts are numbered. When you see a mount such as #25/27, this means it will hold a stamp that is 25mm wide and 27mm tall. Mounts are always listed as "width (25mm) x height (27mm)" as measured in millimeters.

     Step #1 - Measure your stamp's width. I have measured my sample stamp below and have come up with a measurement of 30mm wide.     

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Step #2 - Measure your stamps height - I have measured my sample stamp below and have come up with a size of 22.5mm high. When you have a situation where your measurement is just a bit over an even number, you need to round your measurement up to the next highest number, so here I will say my stamp is 23mm tall.

Step #3 - Find the mount that matches your stamp. My stamp measures out at 27 x 23, so ideally I am looking for a #27/23 mount. I look through the mount lists for a #27/23 mount and unfortunately there is not an exact match which is often the case.
     If your stamp measured out at 40mm wide x 25mm tall you would have an easy choice with a #40/25 mount. Mounts are also sold in long strips. So rather than purchasing a pre-cut size #40/25, you may choose to buy a 215mm long strip #25 and cut it to the correct width yourself. A 215mm long strip #25 could also be listed as a #215/25 (width x height) but it is more commonly known as simply a #25.
     What I want to do now is find the closest size for my example stamp. Mounts are sealed at the top and bottom so the height of a mount cannot be easily changed. On the other hand, the width can easily be change by just cutting the mount down to size. So when searching for a size, the second number, the height, is the most important number to match as close as possible. By looking through the mount lists, I find that my closest choice comes in a 215mm long strip - #24. I can purchase a #24 and cut the width to the size of my stamp.
     This method is the same regardless of the size of stamps you are measuring. A single stamp is measured the same as a large pane of stamps and picking out the best matching mounts uses the same process.

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