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     Scott catalogs are the world standard for identifying and valuing stamps. The Scott numbering system and Scott catalog values are used by nearly all dealers and collectors.
     Listings below are for both the printed version of the catalog or the CD version for your computer. If you do not specify which one you want you will be sent the printed version.
     Used Scott catalogs are for sale on the
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2006 Scott catalogs    

     New for 2006, stamps in all volumes are now pictured in color.   

     Please order early. Individual volumes of these catalogs usually start selling out in late summer, if you wait until they are all released and try to order a set you will not get one, they will be sold out.

    Price is another motivation for ordering early, I usually have to adjust my prices at least once during the year on these catalogs sometimes up, sometimes down. Ordering now will lock you in at the listed price or lower, if the price goes down you get the new lower price, if the price goes up you get to hold at the price it was when you ordered.

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Countries covered


Expected release date

Volume 1

Limited USA plus countries A-B


Now Available

Volume 2

Countries C-F


May 2005

Volume 3

Countries G-I


June 2005

Volume 4

Countries J-O


July 2005

Volume 5

Countries P-Slovenia


August 2005

Volume 6

Countries So - Z


September 2005

U.S. Specialized

In depth United States and United Nations


October 2005


The world complete for the years 1840-1940. Hardcover and in color.


November 2005

Volume 1-6 set

Countries of the world A-Z


Order anytime, volumes will ship individually as they are released.

Volumes 1-8 Complete Set

Countries of the world A-Z plus U.S. Specialized and Classic

Free shipping when ordering this set.

Order anytime, volumes will ship individually as they are released.

More savings for ordering early - Order any individual volume by the 1st of the month of release and get a $1.00 discount. Example: Order Volume 1 before April 1st and your price drops to $47.50.

--Order Volumes 1-6 set by June 1, 2005 and price is $279.00

--Order Volumes 1-8 set by June 1, 2005 and price is $414.00 - shipped free

2005 Scott catalogs

A few printed volumes still available:

Volume 2 - Countries C-F - $42.50
Volume 5 - Countries P-Sl - $42.50
Volume 6 - Countries So-Z - $42.50
U.S. Specialized - $42.50

Valuing supplement for volume 1 - $9.50 -  Pricing by grade for United States stamps up through 1930. Shows different catalog values for six different centering grades rather than just the one VF grade shown in the catalogs.

2005 Scott United States Pocket Catalog - $9.00 Full listings for all United States stamps includes prices for used and unused singles. Color pictures of all stamps.

2005 Scott Catalogue of Errors on U.S. Postage Stamps - $18.00 - Full color listings for all known major errors on U.S Postage stamps. Also includes informational section on freaks and oddies.

Scott Catalog Tabs

     Peel and stick labels listing country names and specialty areas of the catalog. Makes  finding the country or section you need easy. Available for Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, U.S. Specialized and the Classic Specialized. $2.50 each.

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