My apologies to anyone who has placed an unfilled order on this website during the past many months. This website was completely shut down and deleted a very long time ago as I was closing the business down for an extended period of time. My web host did not realize the deletion was on purpose however and at some point they restored the website from a backup. So for all these months the site has been taking orders but nobody has been "at the wheel" so to speak.

As of right now I believe it to be the case that nobody has paid for merchandise they did not receive. Any checks sent through the mail have gone to a closed P.O. Box and the Post Office has already or is in the process of returning all that mail. No credit cards have been charged and any credit card information sent has always remained secure and is now destroyed.

So I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused people, but from a monetary standpoint everything should be squared away.  Your orders will not be filled, but you are welcome to order from the clearance sale on the main page if there is anything you need.

If it is the case that you believe I have received payment for merchandise you have not received I do want you to contact me. This means that you have a charge on your credit card statement from me or that you sent me a check that has cleared your bank. If you believe this has happened please contact me with the date and amount of the credit card charge and the reference number from your statement. Or, if it was a check send the date the check cleared and the amount.

Send this information to this e-mail address: . This address is for this purpose only, I will not be taking any orders at this e-mail address.